DoReMi / MELODI Training and Education - Presentations

Rome, 2 November 2011

Welcome and introduction
Andrea Ottolenghi
Sisko Salomaa
The DoReMi T+E initiatives: Current initiatives; options for networking; proposal to form a T+E network; achieving sustainability beyond DoReMi
Vere Smyth
Invited presentation: Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology, University of Oxford, UK
Sarah Norman
Invited presentation: Presentation on the Bologna accredited Radioecology MSc run at UMB, Norway; the education and training initiatives unter the STAR project
Deborah Oughton
Invited presentation: Technical University of Dresden MSc Radiobiology course, Germany
Mario Helm
Invited presentation: T + E in France
Laure Sabatier
Invited presentation: European MSc in Radiobiology
Klaus Trott
Invited presentation: International joint courses: the experience of Erasmus Mundus
Manuela Costone


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