Presentations of the Third MELODI Workshop

Rome, 2 - 4 November 2011

Wedsnesday, November 2          Thursday, November 3           Friday, November 4

Wedsnesday, November 2

Opening Session

MELODI Strategic Research Agenda
Dietrich Averbeck

Session on Epidemiology of ionizing radiation

DDREF: lights and shadows
Dale Preston
Childhood leukemia and ionizing radiation
Richard Wakeford

Thursday, November 3

The point of view of radioprotectionists

What radioprotection can request from radiation research
Patrik Smeesters

Session on Experimental models

Sensing Radiation Effects on Stem Cells of Human Skin
Michele Martin
Radiation induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular damage
Fiona Stewart
Radiation induced lens opacities
Jean-René Jourdain

Session on Biological mechanisms of radiation action

Age and gender relevance for the evaluation of radiation risk
Wolfgang-Ulrich Müller
Radiation induced Double-strand break - Repair and cell cycle control
Markus Löbrich
Biomimetic models of radiation induced radical stress and biomarker discovery
Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu

Friday, November 4

Session on Targets of low dose radiation: physical and biological issues

Early events relevant for biological damage
Andrea Ottolenghi
Dose rate effects: spatial and temporal damage distribution
Peter O'Neill
DNA damage response, senescence and cancer
George Garinis

DoReMi state of art

The EU NoE DoReMi: where we are
Sisko Salomaa

Workshop summary

Workshop summary 1
Laure Sabatier
Workshop summary 2
Kevin Prise


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