European Low Dose Initiative

MELODI is a European Platform dedicated to low dose radiation risk research. In 2010 MELODI was founded as a registered association with 15 members.

The purpose of MELODI is:



EUROPE 2020 Strategy

MELODI will propose R&T priorities for Europe in its field of competence

Comunication with stakeholders

MELODI will seek the views of stakeholders on the priorities for research, keep them informed on progress made, and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge.

Cooperation with WHO and IAEA

MELODI will interface with international partners like WHO and IAEA.

News and Updates


Registration for the MELODI WORKSHOP 2023 “Updates on radiation-induced circulatory diseases”, 30.5.2023 – 2.6.2023, is now open! Please see the flyer for more information.

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More about MELODI


Based on the outcomes of the yearly MELODI workshops a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is being progressively developed. To assure an open and vivid discussion and development of the SRA the contribution from a large number of scientists and stakeholders is needed. More information about the SRA and the ongoing discussion can be found under SRA. Comments are welcome.
In parallel to the SRA a statement on a short- to medium-term research agenda for R&T projects is developed to improve the scientific basis for radiation protection in Europe giving guidance for pending EURATOM R&T project calls. These recommendations can be found under MELODI documents.