Letter of Intent

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Letter of Intent

Towards the implementation of the recommendations of the HLEG Report on low dose risks


  • their respective missions at national level in the field of radiation protection research, particularly in the area of low dose health effects,
  • their past and current involvement in European R&D projects under the auspices of the successive EURATOM research programmes,
  • the conclusions and propositions presented in the HLEG report,


  • Jointly state their intention to bring together, in a step by step approach and with a view to sustainability, their respective R&D programmes in the area of low dose health effects into an integrated trans national programme capable of addressing the challenges of low dose risks, in accordance with the strategy described in the above mentioned report,


  • Decide to act jointly for the purpose of:
    • reviewing their respective current R&D programmes and related activities (funding processes, training and education, knowledge management, maintenance and development of key infrastructures, .) with a view to elaborate proposals towards their progressive integration within the scope of a future joint strategic research agenda (SRA),
    • elaborating proposals for a sustainable trans national organisation capable of managing such a SRA, leading to the formal setting up, as soon as possible, of such an organisation,
    • developing appropriate interface with the radiation protection research community, as well as the wider biology research community, in order to maximize the research potential in the area of low dose health effects
    • ensuring appropriate exchange of information with responsible organizations at governmental level in the countries of the signatory organisations, as well as at EU institutions level, particularly the European Commission services, as well as with all key


  • Decide to jointly hold periodic senior management meetings in order to organize task groups dedicated to the above mentioned objectives, to review progress made, and where necessary review objectives and provide guidance,


  • Jointly declare that this initiative will be open to other Europe based organisations entrusted with similar missions in the field of low dose radiation research, which would be willing and capable to contribute to the above mentioned

Executed in 5 (five) original counterparts, of which one (1) for each of the Parties.