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DoReMi meetings


During the lifetime of DoReMi (2010-2015), several meetings and workshops were organized by DoReMi. Here you can find information on DoReMi events, which have either presentations and/or final report available for publication.


LD-RadStats: DoReMi Workshop for statisticians interested in contributing to EU low dose radiation research
26-28 October 2015 in CREAL, Barcelona, Spain
More information about this meeting:
Flyer Programme Final report
Presentations of this meeting:
Liz Ainsbury Krzysztof Wojciech Fornalski Elke Schmitt
Herbert Braselmann Michael Hauptmann H. Schöllnberger
Graham Byrnes M Higueras Christina Sobotzki
Riccardo De Bin D. Morina Adetayo Kasim
15th International Congress of Radiation Research 2015 – DoReMi session
25-29 May 2015 in Kyoto, Japan
Sisko Salomaa Introduction to The European DoReMi Programme on Low Dose Risk Research
abstract presentation
Andrea Ottolenghi Education and Training Actions
Laure Sabatier Infrastructures
abstract presentation
Udo Gaipl Impact of Ionising Radiation on Inflammation and Carcinogenesis
abstract presentation
Christophe Badie Integrated Systems Level Analysis of Myeloid Leukaemogenesis and Evaluation of The Molecular Alterations of Antigenic T-cell Receptor Repertoire Following X-irradiation
abstract presentation
Siamak Haghdoost Mechanism Underlying Individual Radiosensitivity of Breast and Head and Neck Cancer Patients
abstract presentation
Dik C. van Gent Linear and Non-linear Dose-effect Relationships at Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
abstract presentation
Jean-René Jourdain Non-cancer Effects Resulting from Low-dose Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: Main Achievements of The DoReMi European Network of Excellence
abstract presentation
DoReMi TRA and position paper meeting
29-30 April 2015 in Sitges, Spain
A DoReMi meeting for the preparation of updated TRA Statement and consensus for position paper was organized on 29-30 April 2015 in Sitges, Spain. The meeting aimed at:
  • getting an overview of the work accomplished so far in the Work packages WP3-7 (WP3: education and training, WP4: infrastructures, WP5: shape of dose response, WP6: individual sensitivity and WP7: non cancer effects) on the basis of the published and foreseen papers, their main messages and outcomes, the answers provided to the DoReMi key questions (and subquestions), and
  • identifying research needs and priorities for future research
Meeting report
Dietrich Averbeck
Summary of the methodology for DoReMi TRA setting, key and subquestions
Sisko Salomaa
Objectives of the meeting; Progress in DoReMi TRA settings
Dietrich Averbeck
Introductory remarks
Liz Ainsbury (PHE, UK)
(on behalf of Simon Bouffler)
Results obtained within DoReMi WP5
Peter Jacob
Modeling of cancer risk (experience from EpiRadBio)
Markus Eidemüller
Modeling and systems biology
Ulrike Kulka
(BfS, DE)
Biomarkers and biodosimetry
Jean-René Jourdain
Non cancer effects: WP7 activities & publications with reference to DoReMi
Serge Candéias
Immune system and low dose radiation: Why, What and How?
Vere Smyth
(UniPv, IT)
Relation between key questions and E & T
Workshop on Infrastructures for radiation biology research
27-28 April 2015 in Sitges, Spain
DoReMi workshop on Infrastructures for radiation biology research – preparing the transfer from DoReMi to CONCERT was organized on 27-28 April 2015 in Sitges, Spain. The goal of the workshop was to bring together members of DoReMi, OPERRA and CONCERT along with experts on various types of infrastructures to help assess the current state of research infrastructures for low dose radiation biology research and to work towards creating a roadmap to take into account future research needs and how to meet them, potential gaps, and ways to improve access to research infrastructures including funding strategies.
Meeting report
Workshop on Low dose radiation effects on the immune system: current knowledge and future research needs
Budapest, Hungary, 5 – 7 November 2013
This DoReMi-sponsored workshop was focussed on the importance of the immune system in low dose radiation response, both as a target (effects of radiation on the immune system) and as an effector/regulator (role of the immune system in the response to radiation) with the aim to identify critical research priorities. Our main goal was to bring together DoReMi members and a limited number of non-DoReMi experts interested in these topics to strongly promote a future integration of non- radiobiologists and radiobiologists in the study of radiation effects on the immune system.
Some of the topics covered: Genetic and epigenetic regulation of the immune system, radiation effects Influence of radiation on the inflammatory processes Radiation and the innate immune system Radiation and the adaptive immune system Immunological aspects of bystander responses Acute versus chronic radiation effects Radiation and cytokines Systemic effects of local irradiation Immunological markers of radiation exposure…
More information about this meeting:


Serge Candéias Introduction to the workshop
András Falus Genetic and epigenetic regulation of the immune response
Jean-René Jourdain presenting WP7 activity and OPERRA project
Patrick Finkel Role of NK cells during immune activation induced by X-ray and hyperthermia
Udo Gaipl Modulation of inflammation by ionizing irradiation – impact on radiation risk and immune activation by danger signals
Munira Kadhim The role of Microvesicles / Exosomes communication in Non-Targeted Effects of Ionizing Radiation
Rhodri Ceredig Effects of hypoxia on the DDR of mesenchymal stromal cells
Christine Hellweg Cellular Radiation Response: Molecular Profile of a Reaction to Extraneous Danger
Serge Candéias Effects of total body irradiation on T lymphocyte development in the mouse
Claudia Fournier Genetic risk and anti-inflammatory effects of low doses of different types of ionizing irradiation (GREWIS-project)
Piroska Virág The effects of computed tomography (CT) derived low doses on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Balázs Madas Chronic cell death may play a crucial role in mutagenesis and carcinogenesis due to radon exposure
Gabrielle Multhoff Immunomodulatory effects of irradiation
Dörthe Schaue Adjusting the immune rheostat with radiation
Katrin Manda Immune modulatory effects of low dose radiation therapy
Katalin Lumniczky Low dose induced quantitative and functional alterations in the lymphocyte subpopulations of total-body irradiated mice
Gabriele Babini An integrated experimental theoretical approach to try to unravel the complex non-linear dynamics of the inflammatory pathway
Anna Acheva Pro-inflammatory pathways activated in 3D organotypic skin model after low LET irradiation
Radiation quality workshop
9-10 July 2013 in Brussels, Belgium

The meeting centered around 18 lectures by invited experts from Europe and the US, including a representative from ICRP, followed by questions and discussion. The conclusions focused on:

  1. What are the outstanding issues around the influence of radiation quality on the risk of adverse health effects from low dose ?
  2. What are the priorities for short term research programmes addressing outstanding issues?
  3. What are the priorities for long-term research programmes to address remaining outstanding issues?

The message from ICRP was that within the present formalism more detail on radiation weighting factors (and individual sensitivities etc) for different qualities of radiation will not affect the ICRP population-based radiation protection principles, used for setting dose limits, intervention limits etc. Apart from an obligation on the part of the ICRP to take new scientific developments into account at an appropriate time, there is no perceived need for greater precision. However, there is a growing call for individual risk assessment that should be based on the best risk prediction models available and this approach is already being taken for specific exposed groups. Research into the effects of radiation quality is in this category and should include individual radiosensitivity and biomarker stratification on normal tissue responses.


For all details, please download “Summary of the points made during discussion” and “Agenda”

Dr. Ottolenghi Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Goodhead What is radiation quality?
Dr. Menzel Current Approach to Radiation Quality Specification in Radiation Protection
Dr. Badie Shape of the dose-response for radiation-induced cancer Radiation quality aspects
Dr. Averbeck Radiation quality in the DoReMi Transitional Research Agenda (TRA) and the MELODI Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)
Dr. Dingfelder The Physics The Chemistry Modelling
Dr. Ravanat Radiation quality and DNA damage: Chemical aspects
Dr. Friedland Modelling radiation quality – what do we know now and what do we need to know?
Dr. Jakob DNA damage response in the context of chromatin and radiation quality
Dr. Moertl RNAi –non-coding RNA in radiation response
Dr. Amundson Transcriptomics, Pathways, and LET
Dr. Prise LET Effects, 2D, 3D intracellular and extracellular signalling
Dr. Badie Animal studies – Radiation quality aspects
Dr. Benotmane Probing the sub-disciplines: what do we know now? – what do we need to know? Non cancer effects
Dr. Hill Radiation Quality – Chromosomal effects
Dr. Amundson Surrogate markers of radiation quality: microRNA