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Scope of the E&T Workgroup:

The specific area of interest of the E&T WG is the promotion and support of E&T in the scientific areas that underpin research into the risks to human health from low dose and low dose-rate ionising radiation. In this way, it is supporting the purpose of MELODI of coordinating and building long term competence following its statutes and Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

Objectives of the E&T Workgroup:

The WG will seek to identify, support, foster and promote E&T initiatives at all levels –

  • entry level for attracting new students
  • graduate and post-graduate for helping students in a research career
  • young scientist assistance and networking
  • continuing professional development of career scientists in the area of low-dose research.

Indirectly, it will aim to

  • provide a forum of discussion on E&T related activities amongst the signatory member organisations of MELODI and external stakeholders
  • raise the public awareness on effects and risks to human health associated with low-dose and low-dose rate exposures to ionizing radiation
  • promote careers in low dose research


Siamak Hagdoost (chair) Stockholm University Sweden
Liz Ainsbury (vice Chair)    Public Health England    UK
Tom Clarijs (secretary)    SCK CEN     Belgium
Francesc Barquinero  UAB Spain
Sotiris Economides EEAE Greece
Maria Gomolka BfS Germany
Soile Tapio  HMGU Germany
Katalin Lumniczky OSSKI Hungary
Yannick Saintigny   CEA France


View the latest documents:

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