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The MELODI SRA WG is responsible for the development and updating of the MELODI SRA. Drafts are produced for comment and endorsement by the MELODI membership. In addition to the SRA, the SRA WG develops MELODI Statements to inform European research calls and proposes topics for MELODI workshops.

The current SRA WG membership can be viewed here; the group generally meets twice per year, starting with our January 2019 meeting, summaries of the WG’s discussions will be posted below.

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SRA Working Group members

Simon Bouffler Public Health England UK
Anssi Auvinen University of Tampere, STUK Finland
Elisabeth Cardis IS Global Spain
Serge Candeias CEA France
Laurence Roy France
Simone Moertl BfS Germany
Balázs Madas MTA Centre for Energy Research Hungary
Simonetta Pazzaglia ENEA Italy
Giorgio Baiocco UPavia Italy
Roel Quintens SCK.CEN Belgium
Umberto Galderisis UCampania Italy
Lovisa Lundholm SU Sweden
Siamak Hagdoost - E&T WG Stockholm University Sweden
Jean-Michel Dolo - Infrastructures WG CEA France
Maria Blettner - MELOSI SC Johannes Gutenberg Medical University (retired) Germany