10th Workshop

October 2018 – Rovinj, Croatia

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3rd European Radiation Protection Research Week in Rovinj, 2018!


The the 3rd European Radiological Protection Research Week of the 5 European research platforms (MELODI, EURADOS, NERIS, ALLIANCE and EURAMED) will be held in Rovinj, Croatia, 1-5 October 2018.

From the Advisor

As the integration of European research progresses with the implementation of new EURATOM instruments such as Joint Programming calls supported by the research roadmaps and strategic agendas developed by the European Research Platforms, the second European Radiation Protection Research Week (ERPW, Paris 2017) and connected ICRP symposium attracted a record number of participants to take part in discussions and establish the state of the art in this field. The third ERPW will take place in Croatia at a time when discussions on the profile and objectives of the next EURATOM framework program, to follow Horizon 2020, will already be well engaged. Do not miss this opportunity to contribute to the development of this unique collective enterprise, to develop your interpersonal networks with the research community and its stakeholders, and to access prime information. I look forward to meeting you in Rovinj; Croatia, next October.


Jacques Repussard

Past Chairman of MELODI

Special adviser to the Director of IMROH for the organization of the Third ERPW2018